Empowering humanity to preserve our planet

Empowering humanity to preserve our planet.

As of the year 2018, there are close to 2 billion children living on Earth, in an era of information and communications technology which not long ago would have seemed like science fiction. This generation will inherit our planet's fresh air, forests and farms, rivers and oceans, but they lack a single unifying technology to deal with the most pressing issue of all: how will they sustain their environment?


NorthStar is a Global Environmental Information Platform that will provide the world with new tools to protect our natural resources. Based on a satellite constellation with a unique and powerful sensor array, NorthStar is the first system to image, digitize and analyse all matter on the surface of the Earth multiple times per day.

NorthStar will provide Earth Observation and Space Object Tracking information products at a level of precision, richness and timeliness never before available.

Transforming traditional Earth Observation into Earth Information & Intelligence — EI2



The NorthStar Satellite Constellation will image Earth and its near space orbit continuously, with refresh rates that enable coverage unprecedented in human history. Optical sensors will monitor and protect high-value space assets from catastrophic collisions with space debris.

NorthStar is the first commercial system to combine Hyperspectral and Infrared sensors to observe Earth, using reflected sunlight to image and obtain a wealth of information about any object on the planet.

Via software analysis and predictive analytics, NorthStar generates real-time solutions for the world's most challenging problems, and transmits these directly to end users.

Imagine the possibilities of hyperspectral imaging:

Northstar EI2 Applications